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Hallo friends

Mahesh Jul 16,2019 09:44PM

Friends kalyan aj kisika to pass huwa game

Mahesh Jul 16,2019 09:39PM

so beautiful app bai friends a app my dalo Na paisa acha ayega bai my new Persian meroku acha response aya time to time transvar kar raha 5points5

Nagendra reddy Jul 16,2019 09:36PM

my ratic is 5 points to 5

Venkat Jul 16,2019 09:22PM

excellent performance this app works minute to minute response.... i love dis app

Venkat Jul 16,2019 09:21PM

Iss app mein paise ka dhoka nahi. Imaandar tak 1lac se 1.5 lac la payment lechuka hoon. Time par aajata hai paisa. Rates sabse high hai...Vinaym

Vinay M Jul 16,2019 06:13PM

Shaandaar jindabaad jabardast..... Imaandaar log h ......

shriram Jul 16,2019 06:10PM

Hi bhai



Jul 16,2019 04:18PM

Hi sir iam mahesh

Mahesh Jul 16,2019 03:07PM

10.000dalo friends jaroor ayega paisa beautiful app

Nagendra reddy Jul 16,2019 10:09AM

Beautiful app response bahut achha hy friends amount suxessfull super app

Nagendra reddy Jul 16,2019 10:08AM

Hellow...i am new can i add money...?

Monir Jul 16,2019 07:31AM

Many dip

SK I HOSSAIN Jul 16,2019 01:13AM


Kkrock Jul 15,2019 09:41PM

Kalya clse 8. 199%

Manjunath Jul 15,2019 05:19PM

Star line is defarent bamber comeing

Sagar gn Jul 15,2019 03:35PM

Minimum deposit amout 500 bahi

Sagar gn Jul 15,2019 03:34PM

I m user first time app through then paytm 100/= deposit I m lowest amount plying confrem so message

Jul 15,2019 12:43PM


Mahesh Jul 14,2019 10:09PM

Please frnds tell me how to calculate star line chart

Anil Jul 14,2019 08:21PM

Any body help me please

Anil Jul 14,2019 08:20PM

How did you play star line

Anil Jul 14,2019 08:19PM

Hi frnds

Anil Jul 14,2019 08:19PM

Dear all, this is ver good app and people who are managing this are trust worthy. Initially, I had doubtful mind about this, but later I realised it is very good and transparent. The payment process is good and transparent.

Abhishek Jul 14,2019 07:48PM

Sir add point

Narayan lal teli Jul 14,2019 05:38PM

Starline ka update change kyu krte rhte ho

Rohit Jul 14,2019 02:26PM

Today blast panna 100

Sagar gn Jul 14,2019 08:51AM

Kalyan close fixxx 3333333333333 8888888888

Sagarbhaskar786 Jul 13,2019 05:48PM

kalyan :94-97-92-83-38-07-53-57-58-

abdultouseef Jul 13,2019 03:55PM


Rabindra Jul 13,2019 01:35PM

Sridevi close 345 bindas kelo

Anoop kumar Jul 13,2019 11:51AM

Sreedevi day 19..14

maheshst Jul 13,2019 10:00AM

Main Mumbai kab se hoga

Laxmi Kant vaidya Jul 13,2019 04:45AM

Close ? ? fixx

Sagarbhaskar786 Jul 12,2019 05:52PM

kalyan 20:21:27:

abdultouseef Jul 12,2019 04:27PM

This site is very nice

sunil kumar rajhans Jul 12,2019 03:45PM

I think madhar day close. 6,7

Naidu Jul 12,2019 02:05PM

Kalyan 0pen / close 100000%fixxxxxxx ______360_9

Sagar Jul 12,2019 01:13PM

Well super site .no. one

Channarayafu Jul 11,2019 07:33PM

Super and vrry vry good app satta matka .....good responce from admin pament vry good... 5 star from my side

Manjunath Jul 11,2019 07:01PM

kalyan btao

amit Jul 11,2019 04:17PM

Hai. 05 87 79 78 Milan day

Nagendra reddy Jul 11,2019 02:01PM

Biju 5/9 126 258

Bijukharidas Jul 11,2019 03:28AM

Kn 0/5

Guruprasad Jul 10,2019 11:59PM

Send money 500rs

Rupesh Jul 10,2019 11:12PM

sir ill send money 500 plz add points

Krishna kh Jul 10,2019 09:25PM

Kalya close 7 pass

Prem Jul 10,2019 06:36PM

Kalyan close 6 guarantee

Nanadyasurendrareddy Jul 10,2019 06:13PM

Kalyan close. 1-6-4-9

Shankar Jul 10,2019 05:33PM

KALYAN : 45 54 84 49 70

Sandeep Jul 10,2019 02:46PM

Sir contect No acount no

DOMAR Jul 10,2019 12:58PM

Sir money ???? ??? ???? cont and ac no ???

DOMAR Jul 10,2019 12:56PM

hi any guess for todays kalyan jodi ? i am new to this site.

unni krishnan Jul 10,2019 08:26AM

Rajdhani night Close 1-6 TAUSIF BHAI

TAUSIF Jul 09,2019 10:14PM

Milan night close 4-9 Shot

TAUSIF Jul 09,2019 10:14PM

Hii i putt 500 but showing 0 balance

Kkrock Jul 09,2019 08:46PM

Suprim night 0,5,2,7 otc

ravi shanker Jul 09,2019 08:39PM

How to earn money by matka

ravi shanker Jul 09,2019 08:38PM

Kya jodi no

Radhanagabhushanam Jul 09,2019 03:54PM

Milan day Pakka dhamaka 09 90

Jakir Jul 09,2019 01:37PM

Hi manoj kumar jagade nice guessing for supreme night

Ajay kumar Jul 09,2019 11:27AM

Goog morning all

Sagar Jul 09,2019 10:44AM

Aaaj hoga maha damaka kalyan me

Sagar Jul 09,2019 10:42AM

Raj cl 3 or 4

Ajay kumar gupta Jul 08,2019 10:27PM

Milan Night 75 25

Nanadyasurendrareddy Jul 08,2019 08:09PM

Good apps I like

Jaiswal Jul 08,2019 06:55PM

kalyan close 3 247,337,490

Laxman Jul 08,2019 06:08PM

Tomorrow play

Umesh Parihar Jul 08,2019 05:26PM

Supreme day 76...08..06

maheshst Jul 08,2019 01:13PM

Milan day 8open challenge 84. 83

Nagendra reddy Jul 08,2019 10:48AM


Nagendra reddy Jul 08,2019 10:06AM


ajju Jul 07,2019 10:30PM

Suprime Night CLOSE OTC 1,3,4,8 Done 90%

Kanhaiyalal Maurya Jul 07,2019 09:38PM

Supreme night close 3

Manoj Kumar Jangde Jul 07,2019 09:27PM

Supreme night 88 85 38

DikeshKumarSahu Jul 07,2019 08:24PM

1 6

Shaikh mujmil Shaikh mustafa Jul 07,2019 11:31AM

Aj ke liye kuch batayiye.

Ankim Dash Jul 07,2019 09:11AM

Milan day 82 84 83 92

Nagendra reddy Jul 07,2019 04:02AM

Time bazar 08.80

Panchayya Jul 06,2019 11:33PM

Milan night 94...93

Sultan shaikh Jul 06,2019 08:59PM

Milan night 94...93

Sultan shaikh Jul 06,2019 08:56PM

Supreme night 32..37 23...28

maheshst Jul 06,2019 07:45PM

Milan Night 95 75

Nanadyasurendrareddy Jul 06,2019 06:51PM


Nanadyasurendrareddy Jul 06,2019 06:48PM

Hi friends ????????????

Mahesh Jul 06,2019 06:16PM

Maheshst...... Aaj k liye kuch btao......

shriram Jul 06,2019 03:40PM

Hii, I am a new joiner to this matkaplay, lets see my experience with this....!!

Nittu Jul 06,2019 03:14PM

Very nice app good admin instant payment. Fully satisfied....

Ronak khatri Jul 06,2019 02:44PM

98 58 strong

Sanjeev Jul 06,2019 01:10PM

Hello sir

Rajesh kumar Jul 06,2019 12:59PM

Best side to play I'm satisfied with u admin thak so much

Mohammed Jul 06,2019 12:38PM

Good app. Good Response by Admin Thank you Super duper site hai great and good team work easy play and fast withdrawal.THANks for withdrwal Pateel....

Milen Jul 06,2019 09:21AM

Imaaandar hai...... Vishwas kiya ja skta h

shriram Jul 06,2019 06:25AM

43 pass

maheshst Jul 06,2019 06:07AM

Milan night 43..45

maheshst Jul 05,2019 08:05PM

500 cheltha this is great sir every one is available thank you sir

Shankar Jul 05,2019 07:45PM

Milan day me bhi 3 si gle

Dinesh g goswami Jul 05,2019 04:52PM

Good app. Good Response by Admin Thank you

Praveen Jul 05,2019 04:09PM

Bhot he best site he. Point. Withdrwal or deposit bhot he jaldi ho jata he or teme member bhi bhot he respons dete he.

Rupesh Jul 05,2019 04:00PM

matka whatsapp

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